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Black MBBR Media

Black MBBR Media

MBBR is a process used for the treatment of sewage wastewater and for the effluent treatment plants - MBBR technology is the best technology for larger volume of flow - Any wastewater treatment plant that is bigger than 150 cubic meter day can be designed on the basis of MBBR technology.

Simultaneous to manufacturing, Bharat Industries has distributorship of Virgin PP/HDPE/LLD- PE/LDP granules for Indian Oil Corporation Of India(IOCL),Uttar Pradesh,hence providing hundred tons of material per month to companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi,Minda etc which generate tons of scrap. We inturn buy the scrap and get it recycled in our manufacturing unit to produce first recycled MBBR media, hence producing a high quality MBBR media with accurate density i.e 0.95-0.97gsm/cc and longer media life i.e 6-7 yrs thus making it best in the market. On the other hand media made with third/fourth reprocessed floats in the water for initial bit, but once the bacteria starts growing over it, it cannot sustain the weight and starts sinking.

Features of MBBR Media

* No sludge return systems needed
* Provides high Bio-surface area
* Less sensitivity to shock loading
* No channels or dead spots
* Extremely easy to install
* Longer media life
* No backwash needed
* Clog free operation
* Make Bio-reactors extremely compact

Applications of MBBR Media BioPac media

* Package Sewage Treatment plants for wastewater
* Domestic and Industrial  Effluent Treatment Plants wastewater



Effective specific surface area

450 m2/m3

Media Diameter



>0.95 – 0.96 gms/cc

Media wall thickness

0.80 – 1.00 mm

Media Height

16 mm


Cylindrical with External Fins



Media Diameter Including External Fins

Up to 24.50 mm


PP with UV Stabilized

Max. continous operational Temperature

80 Degree

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