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Tube Settler Hexagonal

Tube Settler Hexagonal

PVC Tube Settlers for solid liquid separation in water & waste water treatment plants- Name as Tube Deck.
It is a very high efficiency solid-liquid separator. This is due to the fact that its shape is hexagonal chevron type which has highest efficiency of separation.
Its area of applications includes primary & secondary settling in water as well as waste water treatment plants with any type of secondary treatment. It is also being very successfully used along with anaerobic digesters to control the outflow of sludge.
In additional sedimentation tanks or clarifiers are large structures occupying much valuable space, are perceived as high investment cost items.
Attacking the very crux of this problem, Bharat Industries’ PVC tube settler offers enhancing capacity for settling of suspended solids in a fractional area. It provides the most economical way of improving clarifier performance. It also helps to reduce the amount of suspended solids in carrier fluids, thus improving effluent quality which in turn improves the efficiency of existing plants.
Moreover with Tube Settler new clarification tanks can be designed in smaller size. Vice-versa maintain the same performance level, at less cost.
The use of Tube Settler leads to the formation of large settling areas old small sink paths.

The tube deck model is easy to install in any shape of clarifier, its hexagonal chevron shape is the most ideal for effective settling with or without coagulation or flocculation. High settling surface area(11 and 13m2/m3) leads to a very small clarifier size & the detention time requirement is also very as compared to conventional clarifiers.



Plan Settling area of Media
60 Slope
11 m2/m3
55 Slope
13 m2/m3
Cross Section Area
Hexagonal Chevron
Hydraulic Radius
1 mm (+/-0.1mm)
Fitting Arrangement
Tongue & Groove

Max. continous operational Temperature

55 Degree
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