Bharat Industries

Filter Press Cloth

Filter Press Cloth

We offer the widest range of filtration fabrics from ready shelf in various sorts and qualities (Spun/ Mono Filaments / Multi Filaments) such as-

1. Cotton
2. Polyester
3. Polypropylene
4. Nylon
5. Ryton
6. Nomex etc.

Our fabrics are being used extensively in critical applications such as-

1. Membrane Filter Presses
2. Tower Filter Press
3. Horizontal Filter Presses
4. Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters
5. Fluid Bed Dryer
6. Centrifuges (Bottom discharge, Peeler, Top Lifting etc.)
7. Flash Dryers
8. ANFD (Agitated Nutche Filter Dryer)
9. Leaf Filters, Candle Filters etc.
With our extensive research & experience we do offer a unique knowledge base of suitable
variety of filter fabrics to various process parameters in wide range of industries.

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